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O'le Sports Up Coming Events

O'le Climbing will be offering a weekend family outdoor adventure trip with overnight camping around  Baihe groge in Sep 26/27th.

Day1 our professional instructors will take all participate to the Yun Meng Gorge for hiking in the morning to the abseiling spot and abseiling in the afternoon camping /BBQ/Camp fire at night.

Day 2 rock climbing for whole day and will head to Beijing in later afternoon. for farther information 

O'le Sports successfully held the first and second international schools chaimpionship for rock climbing/ ski and other sports activities. The International Schools Climbing Championship 2015 will be on Oct 25th.

It is time to start training for BISCC2015. 

4. Outdoor Education Program for International Schools is Ready to Book!

Why outdoor?

  1. Outdoor education draws upon the philosophy, theory, and practices of experiential education and environmental education.
  2. Inspire students to enjoy, explore, experience and be excellent challenge by choice.
  3. Stepping out of comfort zones.
  4. Learning by risk taking. (in a controlled environment)
  5. Opportunities for social interaction and team work.
  6. Programs are supportive of the pedagogical activity in the  classroom.

O'le sports start this  new program for all interantional schools around in Beijing.

please email to us for more details.