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May Outdoor Adventure Trip

Program Description:

Miyun Baihe valley locates at north east of Beijing, and has more than 300 sports climbing routes in different crags along the valley. The rock is granite and the difficult for the routes are varied from 5.9 to 5.14+ in American grades. There is a river through this scenic gorge, so it is named as Baihe, meaning white river. It is suitable for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, abseiling, raft building, team building games, high rope course, etc.

May outdoor adventure trip, we will organize one day rock climbing and one day hiking/abseiling. We will camp by the river side. Camp fire is not allowed, however, simple cooking setting will be prepaered outdoor.


1st Day:Leave Beijing around 9am, arriving Baihe around 11am. Hiking to Yunmeng canyon for(all participants get off from bus and hiking into the Yunmeng canyon about 35-40 min to the Abseiling course), Abseiling in the afternoon to around 3:00pm,hiking back to the bus stop. transportation to the camp site and free time to 6:30 having dinner around 7:00pm.

2nd Day: Wake up in wild, breakfast by the river at the camp site. Take transportation to ( 8 minutes) climbing spot and climbing till 2 pm and eat at local farm restaurant. Leave for Beijing at 3:30pm and arrive in Beijing around 5:20 pm.

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