Our suppliers will organise a super-fun pirate day in Shunyi for your birthday boy or girl! Your group of 8 will:

  • Be given eye-patches, bandanas and treasure maps
  • Follow the treasure maps in teams
  • Trade monkeys with pirates
  • Go on big sailing boats (no experience needed)
  • Battle with the enemy boat, with water canonballs
  • Paddle on rafts
  • Follow Clues
  • And finally dig up the treasure chest from the ground!


Possibly the most fun a kid can have on his or her birthday...

Age: 6.5 - 16

Number of participants: 8

Price: RMB 3000 

Includes: Pirate-themed props, sailing coach fees, host, raft and sail boat hire, buried candy treasure

After the party, you can eat your party food by the lake for no extra charge, and play for an extra hour or so. We also have the following optional extras:


  • Extra participants (up to total group size of 10) charged at RMB 100 per extra
  • Themed plates, cups, etc. and decorations, for RMB 300.
  • Themed birthday cake for RMB 350
  • Extra half day of fun, with extra activities such as games, kayaking, paddle-boarding etc., and party lunch, for RMB 1200 extra 



  • 参加者都先收到眼罩,寻宝地图
  • 两个小组跟着地图走,找各种东西
  • 找到了小猴子,跟海盗交换
  • 坐在大的帆船上,跟对方帆船打大水仗!(教练们控制帆船)
  • 玩橡皮艇
  • 找到地里的百宝箱!

年龄:6.5 - 16







  • 人数一共9个:加100元。
  • 人数一共10个:加200元。
  • 海盗主题的盘子、杯子、气球等等:300元
  • 主题蛋糕:350元
  • 全天活动,含午餐,半天做其他的海盗主题游戏,玩皮划艇,奖板等等:加1200元