Safety Training Courses/安全培训课

There is nothing more important than safety. Please check out our range of safety training courses, which are taught in both English and Chinese, by CMA (Chinese Mountaineering Association) certified instructors. We can provide one-on-one training or group training courses. Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


O'le Climbing Top-Rope Belay Course


Just starting out? Still learning how to belay? Don't even know what "belaying" means? (It means securing the rope that the climber is using to prevent the climber from falling down) This course is designed for beginners and covers everything needed to safely top-rope climb indoors, including knot tying, a detailed explanation of all related climbing equipment, climber-to-belayer commands, safety-checking procedures, and proper belaying techniques. Immagine The course will be a minimum of two hours long, but will continue until all subject material is fully comprehended and the participants are able to meet all the course objectives. The cost of this course is 400 RMB per person. This cost includes all equipment rentals (harness, shoes, and belay devices), the cost of the one day pass, and theinstructor fee. It also includes the cost of the follow up monitoring by O'le staff to ensure that the individual has fully understand the course content and maintains the proper safety checks and techniques. Participants must be at least 15 years old to join the belay course. All participants must fill out the waiver form prior to beginning the course. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver.


Experienced Top-Rope Belayer Test


If you are already an experienced belayer you may take the "Experienced Top-Rope Belayer Test" which is a simple and fast test that can be requested by someone who already knows how to belay properly and wants to be checked by O'le. Before the test the instructor will briefly explain the policies and safety standards of O'le Climbing and instruct the participant that any deviation from these standardized policies will result in the offending belayer or climber having their belaying privileges indefinitely suspended. The test should not take more than 20-30 minutes. The fee is 50 RMB. To pass the Experienced Belayer Test participants must properly demonstrate the following:


  1. Ability to accurately identifying all the relevant equipment and its constituent parts (ie. Harness, rope, anchor system, belay device, locking carabiner) and to fully understand the equipment's proper usage, limitations, and potential hazards.
  2. Ability to properly put on a harness.
  3. Ability to properly tie into the climbing rope using a figure eight follow through with a safety knot.
  4. Ability to properly connect the rope and belay device to the harness.
  5. Establish a belay contract between climber and belayer (verbalize belay commands).
  6. Understand and properly perform all the necessary pre-climb safety checks ("ABCDE")
  7. Demonstrate proper belaying technique.
  8. Catch an announced and an unannounced fall.
  9. Lower a climber off the wall using correct technique.


Lead Climbing Course


We do not currently have an existing Lead Climbing Course, but if you are keen to learn, our instructors are qualified and can design a course specifically for you or your group of friends. Please get in touch to discuss.











假如你是一位有经验又具有丰富顶绳保护知识的攀岩人,你可以要求进行"老手顶绳保护测试",过程非常简单快捷。测试前,指导员会讲解新的规则和安全标准,任何违反规定者将被禁止在奥莱攀岩馆内进行保护。本测试将不超过20 - 30分钟。在5月至7月底,老手顶绳保护测验的会员价格为¥20,非会员价为¥50.


1. 熟悉相关工具的功能、限制、潜在危险和使用方法(例如:安全带、攀岩绳子、anchor system、保护器、登山锁等)

2. 示范正确地戴上保护带。

3. 正确使用绳子打出八字结。

4. 把绳子通过保护器正确穿进保护带里。

5. 使用正确保护术语与被保护者沟通。

6. 明白并正确示范攀岩前的安全检查("ABCDE")。

7. 示范正确的顶绳保护技术。

8. 对一个预先通知和一个突发掉落进行适当保护。

9. 使用正确方式降下被保护者。