For 20-100 Students

Any Weekday

The following program has been run successfully for many international school groups and is guaranted to be a hit with the kids! 
Your group will be divided into groups, who will rotate around 4 activity stations, spending around one hour on each activity, with a rest for packed lunches in between. The day fits within school bus times, starting at 9.45 am, finishing at 2.15 pm, or any time that is more convenient. The activities will be selected from the following:

The students will be equipped and instructed on the climbing wall.  The wall can be marked with numbers to measure achievement, and a bag of sweets can be placed at the top as a target! 

While attached to a top-rope, each student will attempt to stack and climb a wobbly tower of plastic boxes. Team-work will be needed to achieve this challenging feat!

Always remaining a few metres off a large crash-mat, students can have fun feeling the freedom and challenge of climbing on our large bouldering wall, and instructors will be on hand to offer tips and lead games.


Like a tight rope but wider (and slack), our slackline is set up outside on the grass, and students will be taught how to balance and walk along it.  Always great entertainment for participants and viewers alike.

TEAM-BUILDING GAMES (available for very large groups only)
An English-speaking leader will guide the group through a series of team games and challenges on thefootball pitch. The exact games will vary, but as a general idea, they will take forms similar to those below:
Get to the other side
 Using only a few planks of wood, teams compete to get their entrire team to the other side of the pitch in the quickest time, without touching the floor. 

Relay Obstacle Course 
A relay race where each team member must navigate a fun obstacle course.

Untie the Knot
Students will all be attached to a single rope and must work together to untie a messy knot in the middle, weaving themselves in 
and out of the tangled rope to do so.

To enquire for availability, please email to or call +86 18618461002

See you there!