Ole has been providing indoor and outdoor school field trips for many international and local schools since 2008,  activities are ranged from indoor rock climbing team building day to outdoor adventure trips like hiking, rock climbing, camping, fire making, abseiling, raft building. 


Ole trusted to provide activites for Harrow, BSB, BIBS,DCB,CISB,YSIC,WYAB,MSB, 3E, DSP,FISB,BISS, Kaiwen and many other local schools.


  • Indoor Rock Climbing Team Building Day 

Activity Introduction:

The following program has been running  successfully for many international school groups.Your group will be divided into smaller groups, who will rotate 3-4 activity stations, spending around 40 mins to one hour on each activity with a rest for lunch in between. All they day fit within school bus times, starting around 9.30am, and finishing around 2pm, or any time is more convenient. The activities will be selected from the following:


At this station the students will  learn the basic rock climbing technique of climbing up and jump down properly first, After the preparation  the instructors take the students to challenge the bouldering group task, where  the students need to work as a team and communicated effectively.  


Top Rope Climbing

Ole 798 top rope climbing wall is about 8 miters high and 7 miters wide with 3 routes, students will be equipped and instructed before they try their first go, top rope climbing is also a nice activity for team to improve  trust and respect between team members. For those who never tried rock climbing, it is a good opportunity to boost your confidence. 

Box Climbing 

Everyone may have experience to stacking up LEGO, This activity called "Box Climbing" is to stack the beer boxes up higher to the maximum, students will be safely equipped by the rope for the final fall. 2-3 students will work together as a team, and one students will stack up the boxes and others will help the climber to pass the boxes and make the boxes more stable. 




Slack -Lining 

Slack line is about walking on a webbing from point A to B at some centimeters height from the ground, one step, two steps, then three, it is all bout balance, focus and team work. 


  • Outdoor Adventure  Trip 

Ole Climbing organize  tailored  outdoor climbing trips to a beautiful area located in the north east and south west of beijing, known as Baihe Valley and Sidu. many activities are available for rock climbing, hiking, camping, abseiling, raft building for school field trips. Our trips are created on an individual basis for each group size 15-80 students, so if you are interested in taking a trip outside, please  contact us with your requirements, and we will get back to you with a quote and a plan.