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ISSCC 2014 Video Round-up

ISSCC 2014 Report

After a week of smog in Beijing, Wanlong Ski Resort greeted us with beautiful blue skies and miles of white snow that stayed with us the whole weekend.  33 excited students from 6 of Beijing's international schools were ready for the challenge of what was for many their first ever slalom race. After a morning of training on the race course, the timing equipment was set up and the first rounds of the individual timed Giant Slalom event took place.  All students gave it everything they had, impressing parents and instructors alike with how much they had improved.

The second day was all about the dual slalom event, an exciting format where students race head-to-head on two parallel courses. The winner of each race went through to the next round, until the top four places were decided. There was not a single false start and all racers fought bravely against their opponent, sometimes with real surprises. Students of 8 years old ripped through the racecourse to snatch the place from older students, others would get lucky as their opponent took a fall just as it seemed that they were winning, and some of the finishes were so close only the line-judge could spot the winner!  You never know what is going to happen in the dual slalom... 

Finally the moment everyone had been waiting for - the prize giving! A total of 50 prizes were awarded to 21 participants, including vouchers for 1000 RMB at Armada ski shops, vouchers for 1000 RMB at online snowboard shop, snow goggles from GIRO and many more. Medals were awarded to the top three in each of the six races, plus special medals for fastest boy under 12 and fastest girl under 12. An extra prize was included for the fastest female snowboarder, Elena Jiang, 9, who entered as the only girl on a snowboard this year! Finally, the big question was answered: which school had gathered the most points over the whole event? With only 6 points between them and the young team of ISB, the strong skiers of YCIS emerged on top, and participants from all schools went back with something to be very proud of: new personal achievements, new skills, and more importantly, having had a load of fun in the mountains! 



Special congratulations to YCIS for winning the overall ISSCC 2014 Trophy!

Full Results

1st YCIS 80 points
2nd ISB 74 points
3rd BCIS 63 points
4th Dulwich College 58 points
5th Daystar 50 points
6th BSB 3 points

Boys Ski Giant Slalom
1st David Yamamoto, YCIS
2nd Marcello Finocchiaro, YCIS
3rd Jonathan Chan, YCIS

Girls Ski Giant Slalom
1st Ella Jones, Dulwich College
2nd Angelene Zhang, BCIS
3rd Amelia Peng, Daystar Academy

Snowboard Giant Slalom
1st Lucas Barron, ISB
2nd Joseph Chiu, ISB
3rd Michael Bao, BCIS

Boys Dual Ski Slalom
1st Wayne Huang, BCIS
2nd David Yamamoto, YCIS
3rd Jonathan Chan, YCIS

Girls Ski Dual Slalom
1st Amelia Peng, Daystar Academy
2nd Ella Jones, Dulwich College
3rd Margaret Ho, YCIS

Snowboard Dual Slalom
1st Lucas Barron, ISB
2nd Michael Bao, BCIS
3rd Joseph Chiu, ISB

ISSCC 2013 Video Round-up




Special congratulations to BCIS for winning the overall ISSCC 2013 Trophy!

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