School Ski Trips near Beijing

O'le Ski provide comprehensive ski trips and winter camps for international schools through outsourcing to a local body of international ski instructors and trip organisers, who have experience of taking international groups to resorts both near and far from Beijing, and have taken groups of up to 100 participants.

Safety First

Safety is our priority on school trips.  Our providers have therefore considered safety in all aspects of our camps, not only on the slopes, but also in aspects from transport, to 
allergy-safe food and hazard-free hotel rooms.  They direct children to carry skis in the safe way, walk on ice-free paths, ensure that fire escapes are unlocked, and that the ski rescue team has the correct emergency equipment. Perhaps most importantly, safe instruction techniques are carried out from start to finish. Skiing in China is not like turning up to a resort in the Alps or North America. Local instructors don't always follow any specific scheme (the official national instructor qualification system is only followed by a handful of people across the country), so while some may be great and you might be lucky, there is no guarantee of safety and instruction quality and we recommend getting your instructors sorted before you go.

With O'le Ski you can rest assured:

  • On school trips, settings are calculated according to each student's personal data, which minimises the risks of renting directly. Not all resorts change DIN settings for individuals, so your skis may get set on the wrong DIN numbers if not checked by instructors.
  • Throrough warm-ups
  • Logical and strict progression: Our providers will not allow students to go to the top of a slope until they have seen that they are in full control and can stop on the beginner slopes.
  • Always stop on the side in a line, not the middle, of slopes.
  • Thorough 'lift-riding' instruction before riding lifts
  • Instructors subtely guide their closely following group away from oncoming skiers
  • Appropriate choice of terrain and excercises to suit ability and age group


When taking large groups, our providers recognise that everything, from the ski rental to the catering, must be organsied well in advance using effective systems and data handling, to allow the camp to run smoothly. They use the lessons learned from taking large groups in the past, to put together an unbeatable system. In large groups, they can even ensure that skis are pre-prepared in resort according to each child's data, with name labels on each set of equipment, so that participants can simply walk in and pick up their skis! 


In smaller groups, we can be very flexible and create a more cosy and personal program.  For example, on one small camp this year, the standard lesson program was swapped for a backcountry trekking and off-piste snowboarding adventure, under request of a 
particularly adventurous and capable group, who decided each day what kind of activity they would like to do.

Skiing and Snowboarding

One of our main strengths is in the instructors of our partner organisation, who are all trained through respected, foreign ski instructing systems, and can speak fluent English and other languages.  This really makes a huge difference to the overall experience of the kids, as they are there to ski after all! 

The instructors are able to explain things clearly and effectively, and give kids exactly the right excercises to rapidly improve on their skiing or snowboarding. They ensure that kids never ski without an instructor, and that the instructor will always judge whether to ski in front or behind the group, depending on the situation, to give the right balance of freedom and safety. 

Our providers recognise the difference in approach to teaching different age groups, using actions, props and entertainment for younger kids, and more technical theory and freedom for older or more advanced groups. Even in the case of allowing the group to have a 'free ski' run, the instructor will first assess the situation, check that there are no hazards in that particular section, and ski closely behind the group to check nothing goes wrong. Usually enough instructors can be provided to take up to 100 kids, simultaneously, using walky-talkies to keep each other updated.



As an independent agent, we are free to go to any resort in China.  The school can either choose their prefered resort, or we can make a reccomendation.  For large groups, we will provide a free "reccy" for two teachers to go and check out the resort in advance!

Typically, we head to Huaibei International Ski Resort, about an hour away from Shunyi, which has cosy wooden lodges right by the slopes, and the Great Wall just a short walk away. The slopes are great for beginners and intermediates, and there's also a snowboard park.


Wanlong, Chongli
Wanlong, Chongli

For longer trips, we can head to the Chongli area, 250km away from Beijing, where one can find natural snow, pistes for all abilities up to advanced, and a true 'mountain holiday' atmosphere.